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About 3Eyes

Eward Driehuis has worked in cyber, IT and tech for over 25 years. He started out in software engineering, moving to IT, IT projects, IT management and managing a MSP business.

From the “dawn of the internet” in the 90’s Eward combats online risks. He’s worked in some of the world’s most respected cyber security companies, including Fox-IT, SecureLink (Orange Cyberdefense) and most recently at Cybersprint, an attack surface management startup.

Eward has worked for customers in 4 continents, with roles as Chief Research Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, SVP of strategy and Director of product.

Eward has a tech heart, a design mindset, and a business drive. He often takes the stage to talk about his adventures, and is a frequent commentator in the media.

The 3Eyes advantage

Many cyber security challenges have a strong technology component, either in their origins (such as attacks, vulnerabilities or IT availability) or their solution (such as automation, detection). When dealing with them, it’s critically important to understand tech. This avoids pitfalls such as snake-oil, wrong solution approaches, business driver disconnects, and over-engineering. A tech heart is critical in solving problems, especially on a strategic or tactical level. 3Eyes has extensive experience with attacks and tech, a rock solid foundation to build your solutions on.

When solving problems, many turn to "deductive reasoning": based on the input, there is a logical, singular solution. There's a pitfall: one solution is often insufficient; like a goalkeeper guarding the upper right corner. Designers are trained to find as many solutions as possible, no matter how unlikely. Armed with dozens of candidates, they will then select the best solutions based on business drivers and prerequisites. This "reductive process" ensures that gaps are covered early on. 3Eyes prides itself on their design mindset, in order to counter the out-of-the-box “hacker mindset” adversaries have.

Often technical implementations lose their connection to business requirements. The only way to be successful is to keep them "front-and-center". This requires a firm understanding of business outcomes and diligence in supporting business objectives. 3Eyes has the business drive to formulate goals on a board level and build bridges all the way to the tech implementation.